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Formula Bolo

auto parts - copper - stainless steel - steel - plexiglas - lighting acrylic urethane

private collection

6' x 8' 5" x 4'

This domestic entry, a 1990 Formula Firebird, is a complex piece in construction and design. If reduced to 2 1/2 inches, one could put a wafer battery in it for power, cord it, and wear it as a bolo tie. Frame is 1" x 2" steel tubing. The two cupric oxide colored horizontal bars allow easy handling, carrying, and mounting. The inverted "V" vertical bars appear to be solid stainless steel, but are Velcro attached. By removing these covers three mount holes are exposed. These are on 16" centers so the piece can be bolted to a standard studded wall. It has an optional back leg for easel-type display with three banks of lights which can be switched to on, off, or flash.


Formula Bolo is an exercise in giant jewelry for your wall. What started out life as 1990 Pontiac Formula Firebird has become a blown up caricature of a normal bolo tie incorporating automotive influences. All lights are functional by way of a standard wall plug, and and able to switch between on, off, and flash.


Constructed of sturdy steel tube frame, this piece can either be displayed free standing or mounted securely to a wall.

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