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BMW Manta Ray

auto parts - acrylic urethane



It started with two black pairs of matching 3 series fenders…and it grew into a Manta Ray.  Just to keep it interesting each additional part added was BMW.  The metal was from the artist scrap pile generated by his day job, his body shop. “Don’t throw away nothin”
With a deep love for the sea, he enjoyed the challenge of trimming, conforming, assembling and finishing this guy.

Manta Rays are some of the most graceful and beautiful giants of the deep.These vulnerable creatures feed solely on plankton and other small oceanic organisms. BMW Manta Ray was created as a tribute to these wonderous creatures. Using his background in oceanic studies and a deep love for the ocean, Greg Johnson created this piece starting with nothing more than two pairs of matching BMW 3-series fenders. As a chalange to himself, all the parts put into this piece come from that venerable Bavarian Motor Works.

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