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Archangel Gerald

stainless steel


15’ 2”

Not a cherub or female in gossamer, the angel Gerald, a name meaning "spear thrower" or "rules with a spear," is a warrior. The artist put all his talent into constructing this triumphant Christian sculpture. His right foot is on the cornerstone and his right hand is upraised like a satellite dish receiving instructions; watchful, kind, and indomitable, he has a Michelangelo trumpet in a holster at his side, and a heart-tipped spear bearing three crosses as a weapon; a three-branched grape- vine covers the cornerstone, each branch bearing fruit and forty individual grape leaves; the letters Alpha and Omega adorn the belt; he has a serious tail because he certainly needs to be able to steer and stop if he's going to fly about on these wings.


Twenty-six months in construction, "Gerald" stands on his own stainless steel base and has a structure for transport.

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